From the CEO’s Desk: Linda’s Message to you

Just a quick note from me to catch you up on recent events and announcements.  We have several significant things happening for caregivers at present and this time I say this with a smile 😊.

Thursday’s Budget announcements were positive for our sector.  Finally, it seems to be our turn and the information we are receiving would indicate that real help is on its way for our children and caring families.  We are still analyzing what this means on the ground, at the coal face, for YOU and those you care for.  When we have clarity, we will be in touch, so make sure you keep an eye on your emails and the Facebook pages. 

National Care Standards come into effect on July 1st.  However, as you will see in our article the Ministry have advised you won’t see any changes straight away.  Of course, we are working our way through the regulations and developing appropriate ways to make sure you understand what this means for you, your agency and those you care for.  So again, keep an eye on our communications.

Progress on our LIFT model of dedicated caregiver training and support has now completed a year of testing and we are thrilled with the results.  I want to personally thank everyone who has participated and particularly Rob, Sally and the Regional Coordinators for their hard work getting the programme out across the country.  The feedback has been very encouraging as caregivers from right across the sector including Whanau/Kin, Permanent, Oranga Tamariki and Non-Government Agency caregivers.  You told us you needed specialized training and support and you have certainly embraced the learning and new way of caring for our hurt kids.  We are so excited with the prospect of better outcomes for our kids who are HEALED NOT HELD in care and fully understand this is what you came here to do.   

Next steps for our LIFT programme is the development and testing of Level 2 and to this end we are currently testing our very first Nurturing Attachments training.  There are 15 caregivers who have been accepted to undertake this training in Christchurch and we are excited to continue to develop this together with you our members. 

As you can see there is a lot of positives happening now and we will be working hard to ensure you are fully informed. I can assure you, there is a very hard-working dedicated team working for you here and we will stay in close communication over the next few months.

Manuia le aso- Have a good day

Noho ora mai – All the best


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