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Hari Tau Hau ki a koutou katoa/Happy New Year everyone!

What wonderful weather we had for the Christmas/New Year period! At my Whare there were children, whanau, friends, dogs, food and drink, togs, towels, sand everywhere – a typical kiwi holiday all round, I guess. Hope yours went well too.  Our whangai boy stayed with his partner and four children.  So satisfying at my age to see the next generation on and know we are a part of their lives.  He taught me so much, that boy (now a man).

A Gem from Our National Conference Last September in Christchurch:

Korero-Kaitiaki Manaaki for Whanau/Kin Carers was an interactive workshop with Mira Martin aka Mira Elmsly (Manaaki Tautoko) and Stephanie James-Sadler, National Manager Training & Support for Fostering Kids NZ.

This was a forum for whanau/kin carers to discuss the struggles, networks, gatherings and what local support could possibly look like across Aotearoa. Suggestions were made by those present which have been noted in order to learn how we (Fostering Kids NZ) can engage more with this group.

A growing group of caregivers, kin carers experience unique circumstances and difficulties, not always receiving the same support as other types of caregivers.

We at Fostering Kids NZ welcome further input and suggestions from whanau/kin carers.  Contact myself on 027 501 0393, 07 281 1137 or centralnorthsupport@nullfosteringkids.org.nz or Stephanie James-Sadler 0800 693 323 or support@nullfosteringkids.org.nz


“The Annual Big Splash”: Keep an eye out for an email about the Annual Big Splash at Rainbow Springs, Rotorua, in Fostercare Awareness Week.

Grans Raising Grandies, Te Puke will be holding regular get togethers on the first Thursday of each month.  Those interested please ring Ruth 027 772 2230.

Papa Kainga Foster Care Support – In home monthly visits by ECE trained educators for under school age children.  Contact Kathryn Hawkes papakainga@nullikindergartens.nz 0800 250 052 ext 3 to learn more about this wonderful service which is available in the Tauranga, Rotorua and Taupo regions.

Tauranga Grandparents Raising Grandchildren meet on the first Friday of each month.  Contact Karen 07 579 3571 or email jewelzs@nullhotmail.com for more information.

Tricia Corin, Benefits Advocate for GRG was at the December 5th meeting.  She has assisted many grandparents receive the entitlements they are due.  We took plenty of good tips from Tricia, a passionate campaigner for this growing group of caregivers.  Please contact Tricia who comes from Thames through the GRG website or 0800GRANDS, 0800 472 637 (for those outside Auckland).

Bay of Plenty (Tauranga) Association

Christmas Party: This was a happy event held in beautiful late afternoon sunshine in Kulim Park on 29 November.  A big thank you to all who helped make this such a great get together:  Caltex for the BBQ, PaperPlus for the teddies, others who donated prizes and presents, Colin for being Santa and many more who turned up, lent a helping hand and put a smile on lots of children’s faces.


Support Group for all types of caregivers on the first Friday of each month 10am till 12 midday at the Hillier Centre, 31 Gloucester Rd, Mt Maunganui.  Come and share a cuppa, receive support and awhi each other in the wonderful work you do. Email Elissa for more info elissa_langton@nullhotmail.com  or mobile 021 462 030.

Forever Families is a support group for Permanent Caregivers or those interested in Permanency.  They meet monthly according to interest. Email Laura usakiwi@nullme.com

Taupo Association

A get together for Taupo caregivers of all types is happening at Taste Café along the lakefront on Monday 9 February at 10.30.  I am planning to be there along with Belinda.  A very warm welcome awaits you all. Look forward to meeting you there!

Email Belinda belindamerz1@nullicloud.com  cell: 027 241 1775 for support, information and get togethers.

Whakatane  Association

Email Wendy  desertrose@nullmaxnet.co.nz  cell: 027 462 7356 for support and get togethers.


Carer Families Rotorua 30  November 2017

Thanks to those who joined us for the above training.  It is quite a commitment being a Carer Family. It can impact on every member.  We looked at some of those impacts, how we can minimise negative impact by checking in with each family member regularly and by taking care of ourselves – an often neglected part of a busy life.

Importance of Play Sally Moffat (previously from Tauranga, now based in Wellington) has been working on and has delivered this workshop several times.  I have had the privilege of learning from and working with her on this.  Play is one of my favourite subjects so I am excited about presenting this workshop in Rotorua 1  March 2018.

Please check our Training Calendar and be sure to register for this and the other workshops offered in Whakatane and Tauranga, so please register online via this link. Look forward to meeting you there!

Hei ano

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