‘Celebrating Foster Care’ – Conference 2017

What an inspirational conference, with lots of new knowledge and contacts, meeting of old and new friends, and exciting pathways for the future.

We were fortunate to have some very knowledgeable overseas speakers again this year, including Dr Courtney Rennicke and Dr David Cross.  They were both able to show the connection between trauma and the impact on children’s brain development. They were able to show us how we need to build the relationship within the care environment so the children can develop a secure attachment and begin to heal.

Our young people from VOYCE – Whakarongo Mai clearly articulated how important the relationship and stability is for them.  They spoke from their hearts about the impact their care experience had on them –  we need to listen and put into place a safe, secure, consistent and reliable home for all children coming into care. To do this caregivers need the support and training so that they have the tools to work with the complexities of developmental trauma that children in care all have. Thank you to Manny, Faith and Sam for sharing their stories.

The positive messages coming from the keynote speakers and through the workshops gives us heart that children in care can be healed and not just held. Key themes included ‘Reawaken the Capacity to Connect in Hurt Children’, ‘Help them Heal and Flourish’, ‘Connection before Correction’ and ‘Who am I? Understanding and Promoting Resilience in Foster and Kinship Care’.


And the masquerade party dinner… what is there to say. The costumes were fabulous, the music, food and company magnificent. Fun was had by all and will not be forgotten for a long time.

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