Canterbury News – Feb 2017

Message from Stephanie

Happy New Year everyone.

We hope you managed to have some relaxation and family time over the holidays.  With the start of the school year just underway, routines will be getting back into motion again for the year ahead.

Speaking of the start of the school year, there was a post on Facebook about the School and Year Start Up payment.  It’s for those caregivers that are receiving the Unsupported Child’s Benefit or Orphan’s Benefit for a child in your care.  If you want to find out more, here’s the link.

Stephanie James-SadlerNga mihi

Stephanie James-Sadler

National Training & Support Manager

0800 693323

New Regional Coordinator

We would like to introduce to you Mindy Higgins.  She is the new Regional Coordinator for the Canterbury wide region.  Mindy has a background in Early Childhood, Psychology and Social work.  Mindy is passionate about spreading the word on brain development and trauma, working for good outcomes of children, and, supporting families and those who have children in their care.  Mindy starts in the middle of February and will fully introduce herself to you then.

Training review

Currently, Child, Youth & Family are reviewing some of the National Caregiving Training Programme modules.  Hopefully you have managed to get to the first updated one, Legal Issues, last year.  We’ll be running that again but also the updated training workshops, as they roll out. Our first workshop is Carer Families on 21st February 2017 in Christchurch. Click here for more information on our training schedule to find out what’s being run.

Website makeover

Lastly, have you had a chance to have a look at our website lately?  We’ve made some changes and updates.  As a result of feedback we’ve received from caregivers we’ve now got some information about taking photos of children/young people in care, financial assistance information and a link to the charter of rights for children in care.  There are lots of other changes so have a look around.  We’d love to hear from you if you have any other suggestions of what you think would be valuable on our website.

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