Better Support for Caregivers

Fostering Kids NZ currently has over 5000 members and we do not feel that the current structure of the Associations is reaching and supporting as many members as we would hope.

From 1 July we are introducing a new support structure that will be more accessible to caregivers and meet their needs more appropriately. The new structure incorporates the Regional Coordinator, a Regional Committee and support groups.

Support Groups

In each area there will now be several support groups and these could be thematic such as Home for Life, Whanau/kin, Neighbourhood, FASD groups etc. The local Association in your area may continue and become a support group and you may choose to remain with them.  Smaller support groups in the same area are also welcomed and caregivers can choose a group that best meets their support needs.

A support group will need a minimum of 3 people in rural areas and 5 people in urban areas. There will be no maximum amount of people for a support group at this time but this will be monitored and may be revisited, if necessary.

Fostering Kids NZ will support members to attend these groups by contributing $3 per caregiver member in attendance. This is a contribution towards the costs of refreshments.

Support groups will need to have a liaison person to advertise group meetings and to claim the contribution from Fostering Kids NZ.  There will no longer be Key Contacts and the workload will be considerably less.

Regional Committee

The Regional committee will be a group of enthusiastic people who enjoy supporting caregivers in your Region and have a heart to see them engage and connect, enjoy organising family/whanau events and have great ideas.  The committee would meet approximately one hour a month via a social network such as Skype and email contact between monthly meetings.  A bit more time may be required to coordinate and organise specific events.

This is a volunteer position within your Fostering Kids NZ region.  Those wishing to put their name forward will need to send their name to the Fostering Kids NZ National Office. A Committee role description and application form will be emailed for you to complete and return. The selection will be lead by our CEO, Linda Surtees.

The Regional Coordinator will work with the Regional Committee and provide information and support to the Support Groups. The Regional Coordinator is the connection between the Regional Committee and Fostering Kids NZ National Office who continue to manage a budget for events.

We hope this new structure will enable you to access the right support group for you and maximise the impact of our funding to our valued members.

What now?

If you would like to set up a support group or be a committee member for your region, please contact us at or call 0800 693 323.

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