Auckland South/Waikato News – October 2018

Kia ora

We’re well into Spring and day light savings has started.  I love this time of year with new potential, new life and longer days to enjoy.  If I didn’t feel and appreciate what winter represents; hibernation, the opportunity to replenish our land (rain!) and definitely more time to reflect; I wouldn’t see all the possibilities Spring brings.

The seasons remind me that in caring for our tamariki, we have to acknowledge the sadness, loss, grief (which are often demonstrated in other ways to hide their vulnerabilities and for survival) but to also create opportunities for them to experience laughter, fun and create relationship.  It’s a long process, with many seasons, but it’s also a healing journey.

Have you seen this publication that the Ministry of Education has produced?  You can check it out here.

It’s a great guide for educators in supporting children placed in care. There is some very important tips.  A beginning understanding of the effects of developmental trauma, which a lot of children we care for have experienced. Our schools and our children struggle with learning and the teaching.  This guide introduces a trauma-informed approach for schools. I’d like to encourage you to have a look, print it off and take it with you to school to begin a conversation.

We are currently recruiting for a Regional Coordinator for Auckland South and will keep you updated with any news once the process has been completed.

Check out our training calendar for what’s coming up Term 4.  There some different things happening!

Kia pai tōu ra/Have a good day



Term 4 workshop calendar is now open for registration. We will also be offering weekend workshop options, as well as some evening and 2 hour discussions sessions. Please check our Training Calendar link and be sure to register for the workshops offered or you can contact Christine on 0800 100 849. Look forward to meeting you there!


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