Auckland South/Waikato News – May 2019

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Kia Ora everyone

I have been so humbled to meet some amazing caregivers on my travels with lots of training and support.  The quality of care and support our tamariki (children) are getting is so encouraging. The children coming into care have such complex issues that relate to the trauma, abuse and neglect they have been exposed to.

At Fostering Kids NZ we acknowledge that the strategies we use for our own biological children may not have the same effect on the children we care for due to the trauma they have experienced. With this in mind our goal is to support you as caregivers with advice and workshops to look at different therapeutic parenting strategies.  I would like to encourage you all to come to the training workshops as some have been totally rewritten, reviewed and updated to better suit the needs of children who have experienced trauma.

Support Groups

Thank you to all of the caregivers that have expressed interest in forming a support group in their area or focused area of care.  We are looking at forming smaller, designated support/network groups.  Some ideas could be a Permanency support group, Whanau caregivers’ group, Maori or Pacific Island caregiver group or a particular theme that connects a group of caregivers, e.g. FASD. There can be several support groups in an area. 

Fostering Kids NZ will support these groups and help encourage caregivers to attend.  Please email me if you have any ideas.  Keep an eye out for new support/network groups coming to your area.  Click on this link for more information.

Facebook face lift:  Some of you may have noticed some subtle changes to our Facebook pages.  Fostering Kids NZ is working very hard behind the scenes to ensure our pages are informative, entertaining, user-friendly and another venue for support and connecting.  Watch this space…

  Fostering Kids NZ Auckland South Support

Fostering Kids NZ Waikato/Hauraki Support

Finally, a big big thanks to all of the caregivers in the Hauraki that supported their young people to colour in Easter pictures for me, you’re awesome.  They are all over my wall and I love them!  I hope no-one suffered sore tummies from eating too much chocolate!

Thinking of you all as you settle the tamariki and rangatahi (children and young people) back into school life for Term 2. Our training schedule for this term is now live. To check it out, click here.

Ka kite (see you later)


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