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Happy New Year to you all…..

Although I have been away for a month, I have had caregivers on my mind. I want to acknowledge you all especially over the holiday period, where routines sometimes are not priority and there are often some behaviours that escalate over this time. I am also grateful that we have amazing caregivers who can provide positive new experiences for our children.

One story I heard over this time was of a young man 13 years old, who wouldn’t converse much with the family and had a pattern of staying in his room. They took him away to the beach and within a week he was a different boy. They got a few laughs out of him and he was fully involved in the family’s activities – one amazing caregiver. I know there are many stories like this out there and I would love to hear them.

Key Contacts update

We are currently looking for two Key Contacts to support our caregivers in the South Auckland area and Pukekohe area. The role is voluntary, but has a lot of benefits. We are looking for someone who has had some experience as a caregiver, who is keen to provide support in the way of promoting Fostering Kids NZ, running get togethers and supporting events that Fostering Kids NZ run in the area. Please contact me if you are interested.

Just a reminder we have two closed Facebook pages for caregivers. Feel free to join and see information that is placed on there by other caregivers.

Fostercare Auckland South Support

Waikato/Hauraki Family & Foster Care association


The training calendar for Term one 2018 is open for registrations, please click this link to register.

We also have discussion sessions coming up over the term. Below are some of the topics:

If you would like a 1 ½ -2 hour session to be held at your organisation or with a group of caregivers, please let me know:

  • “Keeping Memories”- Life Story books
  • FASD- Fetal alcohol Syndrome
  • Securing permanency
  • Windows of Opportunity
  • Living or working with Traumatised children
  • Impact on caregiver families

Just a few of the amazing topics

Noho Ora Mai
Dallas Pickering

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