Auckland South/Waikato News – February 2019

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Kia ora everyone and welcome to 2019. 

Now that Christmas is done and dusted and whanau catch-ups are but a sweet memory, it is time to look forward and focus on the year ahead.  Personally and professionally I have a very full year ahead and I know that your year as a caregiver will certainly be just as full!

The advantage of a new year is that we are able to take stock of ourselves and reflect on our practice (what we do in parenting our children in care).  What am I doing that is working?  Why is it working?  What am I struggling with?  Why am I struggling?  What do I need?  What can I do to put things in place for myself?  Others don’t always know what we need so if you can, take the time and formulate your own care plan that works for you.  Self-care is not being selfish and you should not feel guilty for looking after yourself.  Self-care can take many forms.  A therapeutic cup of tea or a 5km run.  Many people will suggest various things but everyone is different and what suits one may not suit another, so take some time to find your happy place or thing and make it fit for you. Caregivers don’t get a lunch break or sick leave so it’s really important for you to make time for yourself and do something that makes you smile.  Put it as part of your weekly schedule and start the year with something for you.  Caregivers that last the distance and still have a healthy happy life balance put Self-care into practice and daily life.

If you find yourself stuck and would enjoy talking to like-minded people, let me know.  We want to connect caregivers to share the journey and the load.  Fostering Kids will even provide some financial assistance and moral support along the way.  Give me a call and we can talk! So much to look forward to this year…

Children’s Day Sunday 3 March is fast approaching.  Check out the website to either register your event or find an event near you

Another big event in March is Foster Care Awareness Week, with the announcement of our Excellence in Foster Care Award Recipients.  Keep an eye out on our Facebook page, we’ll update events happening near you.  This is a week that really highlights the awesome role you do.

 L’Oréal Face your Future is just around the corner and of course our annual Conference in October. 

Our new training calendar is up on our website so treat yourself to a discussion session or workshop. You never know what you don’t know until you know it!  I know some of you have registered already and that’s awesome, I look forward to catching up with you all.  Keep safe and we’ll talk soon!    


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