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Kia ora, Talofa, Kia orana, Bula vinaka, Talofa ni, Malo e lelei, Fakaalofa lahi atu, Ni hao and Hello.

Ngā mihi mahana ki a koutou katoa (Warm greetings to you all)

This month has been another great and busy month supporting caregivers and offering trainings. Term 4 included trainings on Maltreatment and Family Violence, Teamwork, Carer Families, Child Development and two FASD discussion groups as well as the follow-up to the CASA Suicide Prevention and Self-Harm workshop. Lots of opportunities to increase our kete (basket) of tools and tips to maximise success in our whanau / family units.

The calendar for Term One of 2019 will be live on our website soon. We will email you when the calendar is live, so  keep an eye out.

The Christmas season can be a stressful time for all, and we need to be mindful of the tamariki in our care.  This may be a time they long to be with their birth family more than ever.  There may be memories of birth family gatherings and we know this can either trigger good or not so good memories for them.  Here are some handy tips:

  • Encourage access/contact to be a positive time, if they aren’t too anxious they could do something special for their birth parents/family/whanau (cards, making a little gift etc).
  • If you’re going to family celebrations with your own family, make sure there is a gift for your children in care. Your relatives may not think about this.
  • Allow the child placed in your care to share positive memories of past Christmas’s.
  • Make your own children aware of the potential issues that may occur for children over this time.
  • Include children in all activities, make this a positive time for strengthening relationships, connections, attachments and giving them positive experiences.
  • Plan fun, fun and more fun. Getting into nature is a grounding, free soul-filling activity.
  • Plan rest, rest and more rest …. Chilled quiet times are so important for both the children and yourselves.
  • Realise the behaviour outbursts are not personal, but a reflection of what may be going on for them.

Remember this, although Christmas can be a wonderful time it can also get a bit crazy with lots of commitments and high expectations. Take that extra deep breath, take a longer look at that view, and hold that hand of those you love for slightly longer…. Remember to look after yourself!

The Christmas close down period for Fostering Kids NZ is Saturday 22 December, 2018 to Monday 14 January, 2019. During this time, our main line will not be manned. If your situation is critical, please call our critical support line 0800 693 278. If your situation is urgent, please call the 24/7 caregiver help line 0508 227 377.

Koa Kirihimete / Merry Christmas, thank you for all you do for our Tamariki in Care.

Tiaki Koe i a Koe (Take Care of Yourself)


Support Groups

Keep an eye out for the support groups in your area and do let me know if you would like to set one up, I am happy to help.

North Shore Support Group – Wednesday 30 January – Café Windsor, 550 East Coast Road, Mairangi Bay – 10.15am-12.00pm (children welcome – there is a playground)

West Auckland Assoc Support Group – email Yasser for dates / venue : Yasser El Shall

Central – Thanks to Karmen Kurjama, who has started a coffee group in the Greenlane area – more details on our Facebook page for the next get together.  If you want Karmen’s contact details – ring me and I’ll pass them on.

FASD Support Group – will be taking a break over the holidays so the next meeting will be Tuesday February 12th – Lounge at the Church, 2 Heaphy St, Blockhouse Bay 7.00pm – 8.45pm  (The church is called ‘Church of the Saviour).

Please check out Facebook for updates on get together times and dates etc. Just a reminder we have a closed Facebook page for caregivers. Feel free to join and see information that is placed on here by other caregivers.


 Auckland North Facebook Page

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