Andeana’s powerful birthday message

This year, Fostering Kids NZ Critical Support Manager Andeana Pilalis celebrated her birthday during L’Oréal “Face Your Future” – the inspirational programme for care-experienced young people held in partnership between L’Oréal NZ and Fostering Kids NZ.

We marked Andeana’s special day with flowers and a cake.

Of course there was also the obligitory ‘Happy Birthday’ song – led by the one and only Pieter T – finished off with rousing applause and a heart-felt speech by L’Oréal NZ’s Tanya Abbott.

But – keep watching to see what Andeana said to the care-experienced young people at the event. We love how she turns a moment designed to celebrate her – into an inspirational message for the young people who were present.

Thanking L’Oréal NZ for all they do, Andeana shared an anecdote from a young relative who, after being asked what he wanted to be when he grew up, said “an adult.”

Andeana went on to say “what these two days are about – are around what you’re going to do when you get there – how it is going to be and the choices you’re going to make when you get there.”

She said she was impressed by the fact that every young person she spoke to at the event said something about the good choices they are going to make.

Happy birthday Andeana, we love your style!

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