Our Vision, Mission and Guiding Principles


Every Care Family is empowered, supported and trained to provide a safe and nurturing home.


To strengthen Care Families by providing quality:

  • Support – emotional and tangible
  • Training and Learning Opportunities
  • Information
  • Advocacy
  • Innovation
  • Lobbying

Guiding Principles

We believe in:

  • The child’s best interest being paramount
  • Focusing on the well being of Care Families
  • A collaborative approach to quality Foster care
  • Consulting with caregivers and ensuring we represent that their best interests are upheld
  • Working with integrity and respect in a professional manner at all times
  • Promoting excellence and professionalism
  • The value of team work
  • Recognising the diversity of culture, tradition and individuals
  • Acknowledging our bicultural commitment to caregivers in New Zealand