Annual General Meeting

Fostering Kids New Zealand’s Annual General Meeting

Fostering Kids NZ (New Zealand Family and Foster Care Federation Inc.) will be holding their AGM at 2.00pm on Wednesday, 24 October 2018.  This year’s AGM will be held at Hutt City Baptist Church, 132-146 High St, Lower Hutt 5010.  For those unable to attend the AGM in Lower Hutt, you are invited to join your Regional Coordinator to participate in the AGM via skype and for afternoon tea – individual invitations will be sent with venue locations.

10.2 – Annual and Special General Meetings

The business of the Annual General Meeting shall include the following:
a. The presentation and adoption of the annual report and the audited financial accounts.
b. The election of Regional Foster Carer Representatives to the Board every three years.
c. The appointment of an Honorary Solicitor, Auditor or Accountant.
d. Confirmation of Patrons
e. Voting on remits

Election of a Regional Foster Carer Representative
As per constitution clause 13.5 our Regional Foster Carer Representative Board Member from lower south will be retiring.  Therefore this year we are seeking nominations for the following Board position:

  • Lower South Region Caregiver Representative position

Nominations for this Board positions can only be made by members of the Lower South Region and must be received by Wednesday 19 September.  For more information about this position please contact the Board Secretary, Wendy Lowe –


As per constitution clause 11.3, all remits submitted by an Association/Support Group or an Agency member to Fostering Kids NZ must be supported by at least one other Foster Care Association/Support Group or Agency member.  All remits must be accompanied by a rationale. The criteria for considering remits was clarified in February 2018. A proposed remit is a statement submitted for consideration, which seeks change to Fostering Kids NZ policy or is a matter of major interest/concern at a national political level. For a full copy of the Remit Policy please click here.

Please click on this link for the remit form. Remits must be received by 4.00pm Wednesday 26 September 2018.

Update to Constitution

This year we will be we will be seeking approval of a new constitution. With significant growth in individual membership, our current constitution is no longer fit for purpose.  For a copy of the proposed constitution please contact the Board Secretary, Wendy Lowe – We welcome your feedback.

For Fostering Kids NZ 2017 AGM minutes click here