About Us

Fostering Kids New Zealand was formed more than 40 years ago to help caregiving families. 

We provide encouragement, support and training to caregivers, empowering them to provide homes that heal children and young people in their care.

Our members include foster caregivers, whānau caregivers, respite caregivers and permanent (Home for Life) caregivers. 

Fostering Kids New Zealand estimates more than 25,000 children and young people in New Zealand can’t live with their biological parents because it is not safe.

We deliver practical, ongoing support for caregiving families including:

    • specialised training programs and materials to help caregivers build attachment and develop resilience.
    • training for new challenges as they emerge, such developmental delays caused by a birth mother’s alcohol and or drug use during pregnancy
    • connecting new caregivers with others near them for mutual support
    • motivating struggling teenagers in care through workshops which feature inspirational adults from fostered backgrounds
    • advice on understanding Oranga Tamariki, Ministry for Children policies, court and legal issues and other Government departments.
    • telephone. online and face to face support for caregivers facing challenging situations with their children and/or the system.

“I was truly ready to hand my foster son back as I just could not find the energy to fight anymore. The support of Fostering Kids gave me the energy and confidence to keep going. The results have been the best for all and we are still supporting our foster son and his family and loving every minute of it again.” – Foster parent

“It’s because of my foster family, and because of people like Fostering Kids, and people like you, that I’ve been able to grow up the way I have, and I thank every one of you.” – Fostered teenager

Founding Documentation

Fostering Kids NZ is formally known as New Zealand Family and Fostercare Federation Inc and is registered with the:

  • Charities Commission, CC25139 – PDF
  • Incorporated Societies, 218479 – PDF